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The first thing you may ask about this site is; What is PTC? PTC is an acronym for Paid To Click. You can check out various links I have provided to help you better understand the PTC industry. After spending a lot of time and money evaluating the PTC industry I have decided to contribute in many ways. On this site you will find many ways to operate your own PTC site to generate multiple income streams. The PTC world is huge and it is actually part of a bigger marketplace that can be best referred to as the GPT world. Get Paid To (GPT) is a much broader term that includes generating income from doing various small tasks. So PTC is a more specific income generator because it is about clicking a link that displays an advertisement. You get paid to view the advertisement for a predetermined time.

Now about the Rental part of the PTC Rentals. I have consolidated many ideas, products, services into bundled packages. What I found is that you can buy software (script), a domain name, a site design and hosting to get started at a very low price but without the proper knowledge and support you will not achieve your desired goal. That goal being owning several PTC sites that generate multiple income streams. Read on and learn.


  • Scripts: This is the core component of your site. Today there are many choices of scripts on the market that can be used for your PTC site. PTC Rentals is about using the most popular and flexible script available and customizing it so site owners can better focus on there business. Believe me, many site owners failed because they spend too much focus around the script and not on core business essentials.
  • Add Ons: This can take the form of sophisticated modules or even some minor coding modifications. Again many site owners put too much emphasis on having many tools or extras added to their script and often it is not effective. Innovative ideas are great when they are implemented to compliment your business. having the latest add on is not always a good choice. PTC Rentals is determined to provides the best possible combination of add ons for your site to meet your business objectives.
  • Designs: Scripts come with a template architecture that can be easily modified. PTC Rentals provides a set of default templates so site owners can pick and choose as they wish. More elaborate and professional designs are also available.
  • Domain Names: All scripts are licensed to a domain name. You get a unique license key that must be used to legally operate your PTC Rentals site. 
  • Hosting: Today hosting can be purchased at extremely low prices and in many ways its just another product. I say this because site owners are focusing at the low price and not the service. What you will find at PTC Rentals is that everything is about service. Hosting is just one component of many that has to work together so that the maximum synergy is created for your business. 


    • Orientation: One of the first things you will notice with PTC Rentals is that you will get to know the PTC market. It's a must. Information is presented in a structured way so it becomes very easy for you to do your own personal development in the PTC marketplace. You will not have to rely on friends to help you get started. PTC Rentals provide all the information you need to operate your PTC site.
    • Documentation: When you look at the demo sites you will realize that it contains all the essential documentation to help you better understand your PTC site. 
    • Content Management: In addition to the preloaded content, PTC Rentals can customize content and even provide a way where you can easily update your own content. This is a service that is extremely valuable because members of your site will easily notice that you are not just another clone.
    • Security: Security is the most important aspect of operating an online business and it is often overlooked. Many script versions do not include sufficient protection from site members that are determined to cheat and steal. PTC Rentals includes the latest technology that is adaptable to future demands on security.
    • Managed Hosting: This service is included with all PTC Rentals sites. That means you have access to experts in the hosting field that monitors site performance. You will get a pro-active service so you can avoid the all too often unplanned outages.
    • Upgrade Service: Any successful business has to plan for the future. Otherwise it will not be competitive and it will lose market share. PTC Rentals is structured so it can provide all the essential components of a growing business without the high front loading cost. That means you will not run into a decision that forces you to shutdown or turn away mcustomers. All too often new owners are buying more hosting capacity then they need only to find out that all their profits disppears andthen can no longer afford to keep their siite online.